Joe Biden, Karl Rove, Archie Bunker

AgentOrange45 Rubbing Noses & Staining Hymnals

By: Benjamin Groff
Rubbing noses, squeezing shoulders, sniffing hair perhaps searching for a fragrance, something to remind him of Dove for Women, Pantene or Oribe; quirks of a man we watched for over 40 years, as his wife and kids died and he found ways to progress. As he changed, so have we. Not always for the best. However, we all, improved. The best we could, that is all anyone could ask of ourselves. Anything less, and you could shoot somebody in Times Square and get away with it!    

Regardless of progress, some generations are and will remain in their ways. You may even find members in your own family or group of friends. Those who haven’t evolved out of the use of slang, you know them. They catch the credit for causing others to call them Archie Bunker behind their backs; still, others make you roll your eyes by the way they embrace members of the congregation. Alternatively, during the group singing with their voices screeching out of key to the Almighty, you glance over and discover the guy next to you is lost not understanding his hands are nowhere near where his hymnal has landed, which appears to be sticking to page 391, and you hope he is not about to surrender all.

There is an entire political group and then some, who are too blind to compare the continual assault on women, to that one AgentOrange45 and Co. Upsetting so many by simply managing to squirm their way out of problems. The Trump klan always goes with the first and last verse of their go-to defense yelling out to folks to take them each “just as I am!”

We are nitpicking character hitches that Joe Biden was never corrected for, if in fact, those actions were so horrific and which in public he openly hosted. His wife present. If it was such an issue, there were more than ample opportunity to speak with Biden or his wife. Where was this slick move of Biden’s going to lead, to him suggesting they meet up behind the lectern? In long-ago cultures (those ancient times of the 1940s and 1950’s – touching to establish greetings on the shoulders or head and neck was encouraged in many places. America too!)

There are important issues and groups that this particular issue is highlighting. Especially considering from an issue and demographic point of view. Several in fact. Is Former Vice President Biden the candidate for 2020? I don’t know. However, this isn’t the way Democrats go about getting to a convention, when the mission to find a person who will be far better than that deplorable character that is a disgrace to humans everywhere, President AgentOrange45. The complaints surfacing now, at this very time in the way polling stacks up, has all the makings of a cheap shot, the likes of Karl Rove.

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