We Can’t Manage Firearms But We Can Manage The Militia Which The 2ND Amendment Is All About… And Thanks To Republicans Who May Want To Reconsider That Old Thinking… “Background Checks Will Be Necessary For Anyone Who Belongs In The Militia Or They Won’t Be Armed – Says Any General – Not Over My Dead Body!”

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It is a losing battle to even hint that the world might be a safer place if there were background checks which would weed out those who have newly earned rankings of having mental or criminal issues, or other concerns which owning or possessing a firearm could be dangerous to them and others, and us, you and me!

First a disclaimer to say this is only a suggestion, a place to start. Since no other notion has seemed to be appetizing for those on either side on the Second Amendment Issue, it is suppose to be about the right to own firearms or as others refer to it the right to walk down the street without being shot and killed. It is either all or nothing. And here is hoping nothing, may be the death of you or me, or even worse, someone we hold very dear! The Second Amendment is about arming a militia. And in order to do that we need to know who you are, the members of the militia and we will be placing you on the call up list, knowing how you are armed is necessary so we know where to place you in the militia as part of the United States of America Defense Systems Militia Protections Agency courtesy of the Second Amendment!

Typically you cannot get to any of that because todays conservative party member will be spitting as they yell in your face telling you how wrong you are and why they are superior over anything you ever thought of being. And they will always be, despite never serving in any branch of the military, serving the community in any civic group other than the Klan or a hatred choir group of Sunday singers. If you ever attempted to speak about bringing common sense management of who should be in possession of any firearm by the time you get to the word “safer” either you are being cussed lacout, ridiculed, called childish names, or you have a gun shoved in your mouth.

The typical argument is varying depending on whom you speak, beginning with, a. We already do that (sort of). b. It wouldn’t work. c. We’ve never done it like that before. d. That sounds like a liberal pussy. e. criminals don’t follow the law. f. crazy people would run through the place slicing up people with a knife if they didn’t have a gun. g.It’s not the guns its video games. h. How many letters are in the alphabet?

If you answer a question or response, the reality of those denying the need for gun control change their perspective toward the issue suggesting a different position than appropriate for the answer. It is the same at every family reunion, or as it has become known in America, Mass Shooting.

The suggesting there be any fundamental approach to changing governing of firearms sends an instant wall up between what has become two America’s. However, it doesn’t have to be so. No more than marriage solutions have, drivers of vehicles, hunters, pilots, and many other professionals and family-related interests that all get regulated through government management and legislated from the beginning by the Constitution.

Yes! A Second Amendment Militia Registrant to be ready to defend the homeland so that information is available to inform the United States Government central command that is required to know its militia’s strength as deemed by the U.S. Constitution!

There may be a less objected to approach if America’s leaders suggested to those wishing to own firearms, and to all the critical 2nd Amendment term ‘bear’ troopers who bravely wave that term, that now they may forever stand on that Amendment they have been touting and it would make sense they become bonafide law-abiding Second Amendment Constitutional Militia Registrants. The United States of America it is time we begin a background system of firearm owners, many of whom are already on file through some agency in some form. The importance of this is that a dedicated system will be devised to allow a central effort to maintain and build the Militia Registrants so that it would begin to reflect more accurately those who intended to purchase and own a firearm. By being a militia registrant required by law, and going to your file the seller of weapons would be able to affirm or deny by relying on a multi-level grading immediately from the city, county, state, and federal governments system which either gives you a precise, or points-based classification. The higher the points, the more excellent your opportunity for owning a firearm is going to be in the question.

After all, if you can’t control the firearms, you must manage the militia members. If there is a well-armed militia as the Second Amendment calls for, then there should be an inventory of those who possess such needs, and it should be immediate knowledge so that the Country will be prepared to rely upon their services when a time of peril arrives! 

This is a two fold suggestion. One is a requiring firearm owners to register as militia members and list their firearms which provides the government an idea of their fighting strength if the United States is threatened. The other, is a system that maintains a points system maintained by each level of government and the medical community via judiciary providing a points system which would permit grading as to the level of firearm one is permitted or not allowed to have. No single government agency would control anyone’s single file. And each level would check the other on accuracy. An overall auditing system by an outside entity would make it even more complete and promising. (Updating information would be a requirement, address, health, etc.)

One can’t lay out the whole plan for such a program within the parameters of this quick read. However, there can be given an opening for conversation so that recommendations from others may get aired and perhaps continue to build. Taking it further and creating an even better situation. I only ask that it never end up in Russian or the NRA’s hands! I can already hear the bitching, whining and hate fueled attacks!

I can hear it now…

“You want me to be what? A Militia Member?” The Second Amendment Doesn’t say anything about me or my kids having to go fight or shoot at anyone, it just says I can own whatever guns I want. What do you mean by owning guns – I belong to a well armed militia? That whole militia thing was just theoretical so we could buy semi-automatics and get excited from shooting them, hell no one said anything about us getting called up…”

Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone Not One To Blow His Own Horn, Quietly Taking A Bite Out Of Crime And With Your Help – Correcting Decades Of Bad Management In Government.

Penzone Still Voters One!
By: Benjamin Groff

The report begins as it does for many in Arizona, a hookah lounge. Picture it, pre-drive by shooting. 7PM to 9PM Monday nothing during primetime on network television and a group of brothers out golfing drive into pond upon hearing former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio could be a candidate for 2020 County Sheriff in Phoenix. Family members reported the brothers had finally found a sheriff’s department that wasn’t mired in massive lawsuits. Finally, after all those years a new sheriff had come to town and ran the stubby little guy out, and there was once again law and order. For the most part. But, now that was all being threatened, along with polling stations and Alberto’s walkup windows. All in an effort to create more lines! Some at the border, some at the voting booths and some at lunch hour! It no doubt the dubious works of a villian who was in the process of transpiring or expiring from a hidden cave(creek?) or fountain(hills?). It has to be one of the four if only there could be a sign.


The family added the brothers were also proud that the sheriff’s office had finally lost its national disgrace and embarrassing shame throughout other law enforcement agencies. The late night talk shows had begun using the Phoenix metro as a model and example of sheriffing, not as the national embarrassment it had become during the Little Joe days.

Policies by Sheriff Penzone made it so, no longer could anyone off the street wanting a badge could qualify as a deputy by being 55+ & promising to be a “JOE Financial Supporter. The posse a political base which always denied such branding continues to promote conservatives.

Penzone’s background investigations discovered the ‘Posse’ program lacked oversight and had fallen short of ethical management requirements in maintaining records of those members & he ordered background checks which identified Arpaio members who should not have been allowed to carry firearms or wear a badge, due to their criminal records. A policy that improved the morale in the department.

The posse was just scratching the surface in making accomplishment for what the new Sheriff would accomplish in his first years in office. He certainly didn’t make friends with those who had paid for their get out jail free arrangements under the Arpaio regime, and the changes brought multi-million dollar deductions in lawsuits against the sheriff’s office. In some cases, the change in policy which Penzone has put forth has caused certain lawsuits to be dismissed entirely.

There are other aspects to consider and it will be. In the weeks ahead. Are you better off than you were when Arpaio was sheriff? If you are a taxpayer in Maricopa County Arizona, certainly, taxpayers are not paying for several million-dollar payouts on lawsuits that were dropped, and other expenditures have been reduced so much by better management that millions of dollars have been returned to the County’s general fund, or re-applied to the Sheriff’s Office for training, deputy pay, uniform, officer safety equipment, updated firearms, better vehicle equipment. And, still, the sheriff’s office budget has been reduced from the Arpaio years.

Thanks To People Like You, The Whole Place Is Going To Hell!

And While It Is Everyone’s Fault For Not Doing More, There Is No Denying That Most Of The Blame Is Yours…And That Other Jerk!

GALAXY8NEWS.COM By: Benjamin Groff

July 18th, 2019 United States of America

While talking last night our family discussed how when we were kids growing up and sitting in church, we use to be hammered from the pulpit with the notion that you will have to atone for every action you perform on this earth. We were constantly told you will stand before the Almighty and answer for each and everything you do; to and for your neighbor, and towards your fellow man.

Those are matters which I don’t think are being preached now. I don’t think there is any shame or conscience considered for that matter in today’s world. Or about how, if an Almighty was being so great, that regardless of everything else you might screw up in life, you could at least be decent to other humans. Because you were acting in the reflection of what you believed to be your maker. I can only imagine if there is an Almighty for those so set to damn others, what their fate will be when they reach their day of judgment.

If such a place exists, will those who are so hatefully obsessed with denying others life, liberty and freedom, arrive only to find a Kingdom initially meant to be open and inviting, instead have walls, borders, and armed angels. Those very tools meant to keep out those who failed to provide for those seeking food, water, and shelter. A place intended as being a site of eternal glory now a place where those who abandoned souls at the border can only look in at the Master’s gift to those who served the living as intended. If you are among those who decided even just allowing human beings depicted as less worthy the opportunity to provide for themselves a better life, was out of the question, what will your eternal answer be if in fact what was once preached is true?

Odds are, if the people blocking those in their most desperate time from rescue, from safely reaching a peaceful shore they do so because they don’t have much faith in what they are preaching. If they truly believed in what was in that book of theirs, the Holy one, they would not be supporting a false prophet against the calling that has created a humanitarian crisis.

A created crisis indeed, all done by halting operations to create a bottleneck and delay, one that stirred a backup of processing. These people who say they are doing their Almighty’s doings, would not be standing idle while children are taken away from parents, families are divided and in some cases, infants removed and never returned. They wouldn’t if they were truly believing what it is they say. But they don’t. How could they?

These individuals have lost their way because of fear, greed, lust, and hate. You mix all four of those and the result will eventually lead to bigotry. They felt powerless when a black man was given power to their country. It was obvious by the reaction the nation saw as the result of their actions. To recapture power they flung character, morality, justice, and values as far as they could from a decision making process. They found in them a symbolic character for everything 8-years a black man caused them and it came packaged in an orange-skinned fraudster suit from New York. A flippant that might as well been selling snake oil out of the back of the horse-drawn cart.

They were scared and went with the most outrageous option available. It is a classic reaction to fear of racial intrusion. Everything you see happening today is because of fear, from the Republicans appearing helpless to stand up for their party and secure a sensible opposition to the nightmare that is in the White House, to the melodramatic circus between new and old guard in the Democratic Party. The law enforcement communities reaction to crime and dealing with minority groups to chat rooms where fourth-grade level conversations are taking place between adults calling one another libtards and commie-servatives.

Is there hope? Only if America gets a leader who will bring true values back to the nation and can communicate to those to at least seven different sides that are not willing to listen.

The very best the leadership of this great nation can offer is “lock her up” and “send her back chants”which can only be described as the most pathetic action of true idiocy seen from what is no longer a conservative political party but a public hate group.

For remaining a member of the Republican Party you are responsible for every action that results from this day forward. For each day forward and each day that brings actions of division through political discord through chants and civic hatred; as means of public harassment toward other citizens continue to be made as a member of a hate group you are encouraging the demise of the United States of America and you are responsible for every bit of shame that is resulting by remaining a member and thus giving your support to what is destroying our country!

Thanks To People Like You, The Whole Place Is Going To Hell!


How is it someone could suddenly decide they know it is better they know what to do with your body than you. Maybe they want to remove that tattoo off you, so they do, they can because it is ok with their God. And it is the law! What say you?

These people (those promoting the end of legal abortions) could care less about the sanctity of life. The purpose of reintroducing bans on abortion is the targeting of low income and minority groups to create higher mortality rates. The idea is to create stress on these communities by reducing populations by forcing low income and minority populations to seek illegal abortions in the back alley and underground clinics.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Those forced into illegal abortions are more likely to lead to infections resulting in fatal complications, that could lead to death. This issue, coupled with other matters such as (i.e., imprisonment, unemployment, targeted urban zoning and redistricting of Senate and Representative Districts) accumulate in their attempt to control populations and the vote. The specific abortion cause alone won’t produce the single result desired but added to other struggles; it most certainly will drive the numbers these hate-fueled individuals crave.

When one is not forced into an abortion, but ones carrying babies to term, and will be forced to have children that cannot be adequately cared for, those financially challenged who cannot afford to care for their children and the babies are malnourished and it results in the damage of the entire family unit. Then you have entire generations damaged. The politics of these people know what they are doing, and they plan on this happening. The depend on this happening!

If it is genuinely “LIFE” these people are so concerned with, there are plenty of individuals who they could try to help to keep living heartbeats pumping, but we know it isn’t about that!

Joe Biden, Karl Rove, Archie Bunker

AgentOrange45 Rubbing Noses & Staining Hymnals

By: Benjamin Groff
Rubbing noses, squeezing shoulders, sniffing hair perhaps searching for a fragrance, something to remind him of Dove for Women, Pantene or Oribe; quirks of a man we watched for over 40 years, as his wife and kids died and he found ways to progress. As he changed, so have we. Not always for the best. However, we all, improved. The best we could, that is all anyone could ask of ourselves. Anything less, and you could shoot somebody in Times Square and get away with it!    

Regardless of progress, some generations are and will remain in their ways. You may even find members in your own family or group of friends. Those who haven’t evolved out of the use of slang, you know them. They catch the credit for causing others to call them Archie Bunker behind their backs; still, others make you roll your eyes by the way they embrace members of the congregation. Alternatively, during the group singing with their voices screeching out of key to the Almighty, you glance over and discover the guy next to you is lost not understanding his hands are nowhere near where his hymnal has landed, which appears to be sticking to page 391, and you hope he is not about to surrender all.

There is an entire political group and then some, who are too blind to compare the continual assault on women, to that one AgentOrange45 and Co. Upsetting so many by simply managing to squirm their way out of problems. The Trump klan always goes with the first and last verse of their go-to defense yelling out to folks to take them each “just as I am!”

We are nitpicking character hitches that Joe Biden was never corrected for, if in fact, those actions were so horrific and which in public he openly hosted. His wife present. If it was such an issue, there were more than ample opportunity to speak with Biden or his wife. Where was this slick move of Biden’s going to lead, to him suggesting they meet up behind the lectern? In long-ago cultures (those ancient times of the 1940s and 1950’s – touching to establish greetings on the shoulders or head and neck was encouraged in many places. America too!)

There are important issues and groups that this particular issue is highlighting. Especially considering from an issue and demographic point of view. Several in fact. Is Former Vice President Biden the candidate for 2020? I don’t know. However, this isn’t the way Democrats go about getting to a convention, when the mission to find a person who will be far better than that deplorable character that is a disgrace to humans everywhere, President AgentOrange45. The complaints surfacing now, at this very time in the way polling stacks up, has all the makings of a cheap shot, the likes of Karl Rove.

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Spirituality vs. Religion

Spirituality and Religion are two different things. Spirituality comes from within an individual who has made peace with themselves, with the world around them. Religion comes from rallying a crowd to rage over the differences of others.

Benjamin Groff

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I Wanted To Be Any Place But Where I Was

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I Wanted To Be Any Place But Where I Was
By: Benjamin Groff ~ Groff-Swint Media™ LLC

From the farm where we lived, my dad and I would ride our horses to town on occasion to visit a blacksmith and have our horses shoed. The Blacksmith would be open on Sundays for people who worked the other days of the week. It was much like church but with a whole lot less judging. Between the shoe shaping and cooling, and before the Blacksmith nailing the shoe to the horse’s hoof, the Blacksmith and my dad would have a beer and a cussing session.

At the time, I was at the age where I always wanted to be somewhere else. I didn’t have anywhere to go, and no place to be. Even when I went someplace, I thought I wanted to go; when I arrived, it would soon seem apparent I didn’t want to be there.

I recall the glowing red of horseshoes heating in the flame of the pit, where the iron pieces get left in the fire to the right temperature for easy adjustment.

As the Blacksmith held the red tempered glowing horseshoe using a long set of tongs, there’d be a ringing sound pierce my young set of ears; the result from a slam of a large hammer get leveled against a horseshoe braced atop an anvil. The noise would continue until all four shoes, four ea horses, were bent to curve to the horse’s hoof as perfect as possible. When the curvature was satisfactory, the tong holding the glowing hot horseshoe would be emerged into a water tank to cool, the result of the two mixtures resulted in the steam that gave off an aroma I have only ever associated with a blacksmith shop.

Our horses having new shoes always appeared to feel a renewed spirit as their click and clack, lifted necks, and happy to give a trot and then short lopes suggested as we rode through the back streets leading to the dirt roads taking us toward home from our small town. It wasn’t just for our horses own well being to protect their hooves. It was the social gathering that did my dad’s soul well, and I noticed he receive lifted spirits. Going home was a favorite for our horses, and someday it would be for me too. I just never could have dreamed it would have been.

Photo by Juanjo Menta on Pexels.com

At my dad’s funeral, the Blacksmith and all three of his sons were in attendance. It was nearly like old times, yet; I wished I could be someplace else. The place I wanted to be? The Blacksmith shop with my dad, getting a couple of horses shoed on a Sunday afternoon. Listening to two old pals cuss to one another.

Hey Mr. Farmer Did You Really Have To Screw All Of American’s Lives Up?

Photo by John Lambeth on Pexels.com

The guy you voted for doesn’t give a hootin’ owl piss – about how many of generations farmed the land, nor how long the farm has been in your family. He only wants to know when he takes it, how long is it going to take for you to get your junk and get off it!

As family farms go under, the corporate-owned will move in and buy them cheap. Trump said as much. He will destroy every market to get what plummet the values of real estate and to take advantage of those losing their entire lives. The only thing people like Trump wants from family farms is for you to get off them. He has made a deal to sell real estate and get the costs lowered for Corporate Agri-farming operations.

Take photos and remember the generations of farming operations handed down through grandfather, dad and to a son, because your greed lost it in two and half years by listening to the promises of a hood-winking liar! We tried to warn you, but how could you hear us with that stymied burning reflection flickering in your eye. We were told what you were getting when you voted for the son-of-a-bitch! You were informed of the small business owners he had stolen from, ran into the ground from buying equipment for his casinos and refusing payment when the owners came to repossess their goods, we explained how their lives were threatened, or their property was found destroyed and worthless. We told you of the mom & pop operations that Trump destroyed taking from them their life savings so he could prop up one of his whores.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

But you chose to go back to the ways of that other time, where people knew their place and stayed in them. How did you come to believe that Trump was a great businessman? If it was a because of that TV show, you do know that there is a staff of writers who wrote scripts and told him what to say, on that show he was just acting. And not very good, at that!

It looks like you will have to go live with your China deal. There appear to be all these countries that use to be our allies who bought and sold our goods, who are now finding they don’t need whatever it is Trump’s America is selling. In another two years, there will not be any foreign markets for American farmers, steelworkers, autoworkers, or floor sweepers for that matter to trade with because the move is now on to avoid trade with the USA.

You bet the farm. You’re going to lose your shirt, your farm, and your very lifestyle. L.A. is warm in the winter if you end up on the street. Since it is difficult to find day laborers there now, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding some type of work to keep you fed. The corporate farms will keep the rest of us fed. The Trumps are going to be selling your farms to Russian investors.

Seriously, though couldn’t you and “your kind” have been just as happy to go find yourself an island and screw your world up out there without destroying the lives of so many other people! Please think before you vote!


By: Hillary R. Clinton ~ Former; ~ U.S. Secretary. Of State, ~ New York State U.S. Senator, ~ First Lady Of The United States, ~ First Lady State Of Arkansas.

On June 19, 1865, Union Army General Gordon Granger stood on a balcony in Galveston, Texas and read aloud General Order No. 3, informing the state’s enslaved people that President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation meant they were free.⁣

In the years since, Juneteenth has become an opportunity to remember all those who lived and died under the horrific system of slavery, honor everyone who helped end it, and celebrate the people and contributions of the African American community.

It’s more important than ever before that we all take some time to mark Juneteenth and reflect on the legacy of slavery in our country’s history. We see markers of white supremacy around us every day. It’s marching in our streets with torches and signs bearing hate speech, detaining innocent families in camps at the border, and enshrining prejudice in our laws by suppressing the votes of people of color. It’s saying that it’ll make America great again; great again for whom has always been clear from the context.⁣

So many Americans believe in racial justice, in equality, in our differences not just making us stronger but defining what it means to be American. ⁣

Let’s celebrate our victories and our black communities as we keep working for a more perfect union. Happy Juneteenth.

The United States President and Vice President Have Coded Communications They Use It Is They Like A Term We’ve Heard Before – “Trump Likes” Using The Term ‘Choke’ He Likes To Say “They Choked!”

~ Now we may know on what. “Chickens!” There have been chicken farms being raided made, some ordered by the vice-president were made that was personally oversaw by the VP as being ‘cock-fights’ they were the ones which the farms were not owned by Republicans and now this information unfolds. ~

“He comes into town, plows right through everybody’s life. He is uprooting marriages, splitting homes, breaking apart family farms. Then, he starts filling promises. The promises getting filled are not the ones of farmers or people whose incomes total anywhere in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or less. He fills promises if one’s tally sheets read millions of dollars or more. He does not understand farming, ranching, or the mixing of the two, and what it is that makes up such a person. He indeed has never met one of whom he can have a conversation on equal understanding.

To keep farmers at arm’s length while he is keeping China pushed out to sea, Don the Con keeps trying to get Congress to appropriate funds to handout to farmers so their operations would be able to get a loan so they have at least something; on the farm, one would refer to it as hens scratch. It would not produce farmers and ranchers a profit, but it might keep them and Willie Nelson from showing up in D.C. on John Deere Tractors raising Hell, or it might not.

Because of trade pacts which may be suggested a proposal for an agreement has to be studied very carefully, and most may not be that great in the long run.

Any trade pact that is preceded not once, not twice but four times which reads – TRUMP SEEKS SUBSIDY FOR FARMERS WHILE FINAL DETAILS ARE WORKED OUT WITH CHINA –

There has to be cautious detail in moving forward, especially when dealing with the shyster which America now has to deal with on the National print; the farmers will have to pay back any subsidy they receive before they can accept contracts through the trade agreement.

Ma, Pa, they need to watch what the government man named Trump is wanting that paper signed, yes Don the Con wants one more out there to sign that form of his. When someone is too anxious, when anyone wants another to sign on the dotted line, the other person has to ask what is it that is motivating the other person? There are a million little reasons for it. So it should not take one very long to research, and find the cause and put their mind at ease.

Adored by the people who eat up the non-sense he throws-out to them each day just enough of his jargon to keep from going to far over the edge. Meanwhile the opposing side is left to try and reason with a group who cannot be reasoned with because they don’t care, and refuse to care. They want only what they want. Don’t care about other people, and either you go the way their going or you can die. They are not going to make room for you in America, if they can wrestle control of it away from the truest of true Americans. What is of greatest concern with these people, your local police, sheriff’s office and highway patrol, have member if not entire departments making up local groups radical clubs that organize and try to enforce ideologies as seen and thought should be enforced in Trump’s America!
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